In the world of Destiny Online, you can establish a Master-Apprentice relationship with other players. Thus, new players can get help from the experienced while the experienced can benefit from helping the new.

M/A Relationship EstablishmentEdit

If you wish to become a master or an apprentice, you can talk to Wiseman Jarod to put your name on the Master or Apprentice List. You can also view these two lists to see who are looking for masters or apprentices. To become a master, you must be at least level 55, and you can only accept apprentices that are 30 levels below you.

Once you find the candidate that can potentially become your master or apprentice, you can initiate your request by either talking to Wisman Jarod or by using the corresponding functions in the M/A Panel (Same as Friend Panel)

Benefits of M/A RelationshipEdit

The M/A System benefits both the master and the apprentice. The master will receive extra EXP when the apprentice levels up, while the apprentice gains certain attribute bonus and EXP sharing.

1). Apprentice's Benefits When the master is online, the apprentice will enjoy the following benefits: 10% extra EXP for killing monsters Extra PA/MA bonus. The formula is as follows: $ {\mbox{Extra PA/MA bonus}}=({\mbox{Master's Max PA,MA}}-{\mbox{Apprentice's Max PA,MA}}*{\mbox{A Modulus}} $

2). Master's Benefits The master enjoys the benefits of Virtue Points and Exp. Sharing by helping apprentice. Virtue Points: If the apprentice is lower than Level 30, the master has to team up with him/her to get VP; If the apprentice is Level 30 or higher, the master, whether online or not, will get the VP each time the apprentice levels up. EXP Sharing Every time an apprentice of Level 30 or higher kills a monster, some extra EXP will be dedicated to the master (deposited at an NPC). The master has to exchange Virtue Points for the EXP. Godsend Time: If the apprentice uses "Godsend" to get extra EXP when training, the master will automatically obtain 5% of the Godsend time. It is stored at Wiseman's as well.

Star Rank and Virtue PointEdit

Virtue Point

  • a) VP can be used to increases the master's Star Rank
  • b) VP can be used to exchange for EXP dedicated by apprentices of Level 30 or higher.

Star Rank

  • a) Apprentice's Extra PA/MA=(Master's Max PA/MA – Apprentice's Max PA/MA) * A Modulus
  • b)The Modulus above is determined by the master's Star Rank. The higher the Star Rank, the bigger the modulus.
Master's Star Rank Modulus
1 star 10%
2 stars 15%
3 stars 20%
4 stars 25%
5 stars 30%
6 stars 35%
7 stars 40%

When the master's Star Rank reaches the top (7 Stars), he/she will receive the title of "Guru" and get extra attributions as follows:

  • PA: +5%
  • MA: +5%