It's easy to be cheated/hacked/scammed if you are not alert. Cheated, hacked and scammed have different meanings.

Cheated e.g: A person is selling a treasure box in the store for 25 million silver. But he/she put the name of the store as: FC for 25m. You walk by and see the store. And you thought: 'Since I have 25 million silver and I am desperate to change my hairstyle, I should buy it.' So you click on the store name. You click on the so called 'Fortune chest' but you didn't check that the name of the item is: Treasure box. So you click on it and buy it automatically. When you open your inventory and right click on it, you find out you have been cheated.

Hacked e.g: A person created a character named: booth10. Okay, he/she created a GM name. Now, 'booth10' goes to the middle of Golden Plume City and finds 'victims'. He/she saw you. And asks you for your username and password for some reason. You, who thought that 'booth10' was a GM, gave your username and password away. Then, 'booth10' logs out and you disconnected, and you found out you have been hacked.

Scammed e.g: A person was talking in world chat and advertising for people to buy his/her dory for 10 million silver. You read it and check your silver: 10,000,000. So, you have enough silver to buy his/her dory. Then you whisper him/her. The person says to meet at Inn Keeper. The person asks you to give him/her the item first and you think this might be a scam but you want a dory so you gave the person 10 million silver. And the person disappeared. Then you have been scammed.

To prevent these, here are some tips:

To prevent being cheated, always scroll your mouse over the item and read the description. If the description matches the item, you can buy it/trade with it.

To prevent being hacked, always do not give your information to other people unless their name is GM because no other random player can have a character named GM.

To prevent being scammed, always use the trading function or buy items from a store.

A person who is not alert will either be cheated, hacked or scammed. To prevent being scammed, always use the trade function or buy items from a store.